Monday, May 12, 2014

20 Summer Date Ideas

Warm weather,  flip flops, swimming, fresh cut watermelon, roasted hot dogs, green grass. I love everything about summertime! I especially love summer dates! There are so many options once the weather warms up. My hubby and I have started talking about what dates we want to do during these next warm months. Here are 20 simple summer date ideas...

1. Fly kites
2. Go swimming (in a pool, lake, pond, ocean, wherever!)
3. Get ice cream and take a walk together
4. Have a picnic in the park
5. Go hiking
6. Have a water fight
7. Have an art competition with sidewalk chalk
8. Go to a farmers market
9. Go "sight-seeing" in nature and come home with souvenirs (a favorite rock/leaf you found etc.)
10. Make hot cocoa and go stargazing
11. Watch the sunrise from on top of your car
12. Play field games or night games with a group
13. Go tree climbing
14. Go fishing. I like this fishing pole 
15. Read a book together in the shade of a tree
16. Play tennis or golf together
17. Find somewhere outdoors neither of you have been and take pictures
18. Snuggle up at a drive in movie
19. Go garage sale hopping to see who can find the most unique/odd item for sale
20. Roast hotdogs and marshmallows over a bonfire

I get excited just writing these! I can't wait for summer dates with my man. Good luck with your summer dates!

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